Swim Camps

Swimsational’s "Racing Division"


Ages 4 yrs- adult

Designed  NOT TO REPLACE, but to compliment and supplement our Learn-To-Swim Program
(See Swimsational's Swim School "Learn to Swim" program description on the registration page to "learn" to perform all strokes)
Limited enrollment;  Affordable monthly fees;  45 min, once or twice per week, YOUR CHOICE;  attend month to month subject to availability;  after school/work hours;
Elite Jr Olympian Racing Squads do have pre requisites see below.  Swimmers within the school may join upon completion of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1 level of Swimsational's Learn To Swim Program.   
You may choose one squad a week or twice.  Discounts available if you are enrolled in one of our other swim classes.  At Swimsational, you can be a racing squad swimmer for many reasons, maybe you want to do it
for fun, for the exercise, or perhaps you are dreaming of becoming an olympic swimmer someday.  Remember, you set the pace at Swimsational.  We know that scheduling gets tight with families and sometimes you
just can't make it and would love to be able to reschedule.   With our racing squads, you have  the option of how hard you want to train.
Pre-requisite:  Demonstrate satisfactory 1 LENGTH OF OUR POOL WITH ANY STROKE, BACKSTROKERS WELCOME! (45 FT).  
Demonstrate rhythmic breathing OR BACKSTROKE ONLY, OR you may enter the squad upon
completion of Beginner Super Level of
Swimsational's Learn-To-Swim StrokeProgram.
Goal: “Legal excellent 50-100 yd Free and/or Back, Breaststroke and Butterfly AS READY.   Students will work on all strokes they can
perform/3 separate lanes available for each level swimmer.
Please do not jump out of lessons before you can perform all 4 competitive strokes.  Squads are not "stroke teaching" classes.  Students
work on the strokes they already know, fine tuning, correcting body positioning and gaining endurance and learning rules of competitive
Relay exchanges, racing dives, flip turns, body positioning, endurance, skill drills.
Our focus at this level of swimming is to encourage each swimmer to do their "personal" best each time all the while learning to Love to Swim.
These squads prepare kids year 'round for summer competition with the Lake Charles Summer Swim League.

Join our swim team and get TWO squads per week FREE as your practice times January through July 15, or take as a stand alone class!     
Squads are 45 minutes long.  Click here to join swim team!

PRICES:  One 45 minute squad per week-$60 mo/2 squads per week-$80 mo/3 squads per week-$100 mo/4 squads per week-$120 mo.
Effective Feb 1, 2015, if you are enrolled as a student in one of our weekly stroke programs, you will receive a $20 discount off of
the squad making one squad $40 per mo
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